Side-scan sonar and object searches


Side-scan sonar is an excellent way to collect underwater data, such as the shape of the bottom and structures. Side-scan sonar reveals the depth of the bottom, helping to create depth curves. Side-scan sonar is a good choice for surveying large areas or when diving is unsafe. If the underwater visibility is poor, side-scan sonar is a good way of detecting the locations and areas of concrete structures.

The side-scan data is used to prepare a survey report for the customer.

Side-scan sonar can also be used in the winter, even in frozen lakes.


We search for objects with divers. We always use side-scan sonar to help in the search.

We also have underwater lifting equipment for various needs. We have lifting bags for all types of loads, whether light or heavy. It is often necessary to use lifting bags to raise objects such as sunken vessels and motor vehicles.